Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Vox

If you need a vox and you want to build it check this link :

I think is well described, have fun !


Interface between IPhone / IPod and RTX can made by a standard Digital Mode Interface.
You can buy one on e-bay or make it by youself. 
Genarally, these interfaces come with 2 stereo jack, one for audio in (mic) and one for audio out (speaker).

Last step, you must wire the 2 stereo jack in one 4 pin jack. Only for reference, the picture above show you the pinout of an IPhone.


A VOX must be used for TX, because we can’t use any signal from IPhone/IPod to act PTT.
If your rig have not a vox, you can buy a small external vox unit like ICOM VS-1L .
Wiring must be made by a technician.

FT 817 and IPhone

I made a simple interface for my iPhone and FT-817 (40dB pads each way, using built-in VOX in the radio).

Using it for the first time tonight on 40m with Multimode, I made 2-way contacts in to Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine and Slovenia with 3w on BPSK-31 :)”

Thank You Josh!!!


Move red bar to tune.
Tap on TX text to write and send.
Hold on RX text to copy. Macro will replace ### by this copy.

IPhone Adapter

Please check here EchoAddOns ;)

New adapter

Thanks to Alan K2RHK you can try another way to connect IPad and IPhone:
“By the way, should any of your app users have difficulty rigging the unusual iPhone input plug, i-PSK works fine with just a simple 3/8 stereo plug for audio output wired to the proper XCVR mic input plug. Simply having the iPad lay near the XCVR speaker provides enough audio input for decoding. I made several QSOs today using that arrangement. IMD reports have been excellent. Although, of course, it's better to have a hard-wired connection. “